Staff are encouraged to nurture their own faith and understanding through opportunities such as further study in Religious Education and Theology, prayer and reflection, retreats and pilgrimages and other faith formation activities.

All teachers at Holy Innocents’ are Catholic and trained in  Religious Education. They demonstrate an ongoing commitment to their own faith journey, the Catholic faith community, the Catholic Tradition and the teachings of the Catholic Church in the area of faith and morals.

The staff are expected to prepare class prayer and participate in and support the religious life of the school. Prayer and worship are integral to the everyday life of a Catholic School and have the potential to nourish the spiritual growth of all members of the school community. 

Prayer and worship provide the context and the resources for staff to celebrate their life and identity as members of the school community and to nurture their relationship in faith with God and with one another. Our staff participate in ongoing  faith formation in understanding prayer and worship in the Catholic tradition and in developing knowledge and skills needed to prepare experiences of prayer and worship with students.